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Dave Castillo

CEO | Native Capital Access

Dave directs technical assistance to build the capacity of tribal professionals in the use of debt financing for community development projects. He has raised public- and private-sector equity and debt and established strategic partnerships and collaborations with banks, CDFI’s and foundation partners to support economic development and small business financing on tribal lands.

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Dolly Lane

Principal Economic Development Specialist | Western RBDO (Regional Business Development Office)

Dolly (Dine') helps Native business owners through the business site leasing process and file their business registration paperwork with the tribe. She was also a key player in the development of Build Navajo, a Change Labs initiative to visualize and communicate the registration, business site lease, and Navajo Preference Certification processes for small business owners.


Duran Washburn

Graphic Designer & Owner | Dibé Nitsaa Creative

Duran provides logo and branding support. He grew up in Northwestern NM and studied Graphic Design at Fort Lewis College. After returning to his hometown, he saw the need for an innovative design business and a Diné (Navajo) graphic designer to represent the area. Duran’s design company works with Native American businesses, communities, as well as local and regional organizations. Duran is Tódichii’ii’nii (Bitter Water Clan) born for Tsin sikaadnii (Clamp Tree Clan).


Jamie Gloshay

Loan Officer | Accion

Jamie's goal is to increase access to capital to Native Americans in AZ, NM, CO, and UT. She believes in creating opportunities to work together and rethink, repurpose, and reinvent entrepreneurship so that it isn’t just about generating wealth for ourselves, but expanding our ability to be catalysts for change. Jamie was born in Gallup and raised on the Navajo and White Mountain Apache Reservations. She recently finished her MPA with a focus on Nonprofit Management. Her clans are Nakai Dine (Mexican clan), born for the Eagle clan (Apache).

Len Goeller

Consultant | Your Support Team, LLC.

Len has over 25 years of experience working in Native American economic and community development. His focus has been on financing small businesses and developing entrepreneurship programs on Native reservations in Southern Arizona. He currently is a board member on the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions and the Navajo Community Development Financial Institution.

Neomi M. Gilmore

Advisory Board Member | Access to Justice: Tribal and Rural Southwest project, hosted by the Colorado Juvenile Defenders Center

Neomi previously served as a Tribal Law Counselor licensed with the Navajo Nation Tribe of Indians at New Mexico Legal Aid and as a law clerk intern for the Supreme Court of the Navajo Nation and the Navajo Nation Office of Chief Prosecutors. She is also the former director of Native Youth Take Charge, an initiative inspiring Native youth in rural areas of the Navajo Nation. She is Nooda’i dine, born for Bit’ahnii.


Peter Holter

Managing Director | New Mexico Community Capital

In 2016, Peter became New Mexico Community Capital's Managing Director of Entrepreneurial Services and Program Director of the Native Entrepreneur in Residence Program, after 2 years as lead Mentor in that program. Previously, he was CEO of HMI, an international non-profit providing sustainable agricultural training to underserved, culturally diverse populations worldwide. For 20+ years, he was in the private sector. He founded, grew, and sold a market analysis and product development firm. He also served as CEO in two business turnaround situations, bringing financial and operations stability to both companies. He resides in Albuquerque, NM.